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Launching in 2018!

A simple financial platform where you can pay once a month,

all of your car-related expenses in one simple payment.


OCP helps customers manage the short and long-term costs of owning a vehicle by providing an effective smart payment schedule of combining all of the car payments: car loan, insurance, and maintenance into one simple monthly payment.We provide consumers and small to mid-size businesses with two robust proprietary technologies - A.I.: Artificial Intelligence and BC: Blockchain to help customers make the best use of their car loan, insurance,  maintenance, all under one roof.


 Here is a small sample of OCP products and services coming soon:


>Smart Auto Lending<

Smart and Simple payment services – even your accountant will be impressed.

Unique Multiple Monthly Payment Options.

Simple Car Loan Terms – 6 to 120 months.

New / Used / Classic / Exotic Car Loans – All Car Loans Cap at 0% to 10% Fixed-APR [On Any Credit History].

Refinance Loans – All Refi Loans Cap at 5% APR [Any credit history and any car under 5 years old]

Auto Business Loans – All Business Vehicle Loans Cap at 0% to 15% APR [Any +2yrs Business Credit]

ZERO Service, Administrative, or Junk fees – EVER.


>Smart Auto Insurance<

Smart car insurance products you can be rewarded for having, and make a financial impact in having.

Safe Driver Payment Reward – We give back up to 75% of long-term policy premiums back to good drivers.*

Simple Term Policies – 6 to 120 months on any car, truck, classic, or exotic - an industry first.

Simple Payment Policies – No premium increases for the life of the insurance policy - EVER.

Multiple Vehicle Policy Discounts – Own Multiple New, Used, Classic, Exotic, or Race cars? We’ll insure all of them.

Safe Driver Policy Discounts – Never had a moving ticket or filed a claim in the last 10 yrs? Get up to 75% off on your policy.

* We reward members who don’t get moving violations, file any claims, or DUI/DWI.  The longer you stay with OCP, the fatter your piggy bank gets!


>Smart Auto Maintenance<

Sweet maintenance plans keep your wheels rolling down the road.

Low-Cost Maintenance Plans – Plans start at $1 to $99 per month based on the vehicle.

Multiple Service Options – Mix and Match Oil Changes, Brakes, Tires, and more.

Accepted at all Big Box National Auto Service Centers, OEM Dealerships, Local Service Centers, etc.

General Repair Credit Line – Access your credit line to make fast repairs.


>Smart Customer Service<

White Glove Customer Service, that even comes with the kitchen sink - really.

White Glove Road Side Assistance – Tow, Flat Tire, Battery, Fuel, Recharge, and Lockout [Global Service].

White Glove Premium Vehicle Concierge Services – Valet, Wash, Fuel, Laundry, Packages, & Pets.

White Glove Rental Vehicle Concierge Services – Premium Vehicles provided by national rental agencies [Global Service].

All services 24/7/365 – We don’t take a holiday because you’re on a holiday.


>Smart Artifical Intelligence<

Karry is our version of Alexa but designed and engineered for cars owners and auto finance.

She'll take care of your financial needs in owning your dream car, and show you how to save money.

Karry will help your car maintenance needs and set up those appointments to get an oil change or tires.

Need movie tickets for the family, she'll help recommend one and order tickets at the box office.

Ordering a Mocha Frapp at the drive-thru? Karry's In-car purchase already paid for it.


>Smart Karchain Technology<

Karchain is built on secure blockchain technology and designed for our members to use in owning any car they own.

OCP Smart Title Contracts takes the legal burden of proof of owning a car and redefines the process and application of ownership.

OCP Smart Lending Contracts changes how we define lending instruments, payments schedules, and loan servicing.

OCP Smart Insurance Contracts reduces members premium costs, claim fraud, payout payments, repair cost and more.

OCP Smart Maintenance Contracts helps members with the cost of maintaining their car with there service providers and more.

Karchain will change how we all buy, finance, own, service our cars in any part of the world, even for the family in any part of the world.


OCP is an all-in-one automotive finance, insurance, and technology company. Our vision is to provide a simple financial service anyone can use that really saves you money intelligently on owning any car or truck you love to drive.  One Car Payment is the answer.


Our vision is to help consumers be smarter about owning any vehicle.

Why pay more to own your car?™


> Sign up today. <

Launching from one simple idea into changing your financial future.

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> In News. <

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BoksKar accepted to Founders Space in SF, develops One Car Payment and major SF investors perk u

BoksKar accepted to Founders Space in SF,

develops One Car Payment and major Silicon Valley Investors perk up.


From PA to SV, simple idea to shaking up the auto fin tech scene.

From PA to SV, simple idea to shaking up the auto fintech scene.

Silicon Valley VC's are keeping tabs on this breakout auto fintech startup.

Silicon Valley VC's are keeping tabs on this breakout auto fintech startup.

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**Open to all Accredited Investors, Public and Private Parties.




> About Us. <

OCP started from a personal problem to developing it to an idea and growing it from a one-man team with an idea to a team of 9, working globally who had the same problem as well.   We're on a quest to change a market that hasn't changed since the late 1880's, and also changing the problem on how consumers financed and own a vehicle to making that change into a global base of reform.


"To make a change - that road will be long and full of curves and peaks, but the passion to suit up and challenge that road is One Car Payment" - Rudy Ferraz


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